Vickash Misser

Vickash MisserMr Vickash Misser, is presently the Principal Director and a Court Manager of the largest court in South Africa, the Johannesburg Magistrates Court. Prior to this he held the position of Director : Court Management at the esteemed Constitutional Court of South Africa, a body responsible for upholding the post democratic Constitution of 1996. He is a highly experienced, competent administrative leader, manager, with unique skills in teaching, planning, designing and implementing systems around court management. His expertise are much sought after and it was for this reason that he was asked to serve in his current position to bring about, amongst others, an ambitious transformation programme that seeks to advance court access and efficiency, and make the institution more accessible to the public. His span of responsibility, over 900 staff members, attests to his grasp of management issues and his ability to lead large and complex organizations. Vickash holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) as well as a host of professional certificates in finance and administration of the courts.

Recently appointed to Chief Executive Officer of the IACA, Africa Regional Board