The courts are perceived as the institutional guardians of democracy and the constitution on behalf of their citizens. The quality of justice meted out by the courts is reliant on a wide variety of interdependent professional relationships, skills, knowledge, competencies within the courts’ environments. In today’s world, courts are regarded as organizations that are not aloof to the social environments they operate in. Courts have to relate to needs and demands of the communities they serve in order to make their service offerings relevant, effective and efficient to customers.

In most court reforms the attendant improvement of the court support personnel is often neglected. For any court to operate effectively and efficiently, it needs a well-oiled’ administrative support system imbued with competent, professional ethos, skills, knowledge and experience that embrace the core business of courts as its mandate.

Driven by the desire to promote an ideal court support personnel that adds value to the main business of the courts, the idea of the establishment of the Pan African Court Management Association was conceived and established in South Africa, which will be representative of all African Countries as its ultimate developmental goals.